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Empower millions of customers with new financial services with Atomic’s payroll connectivity solutions.

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How financial connectivity works


Connect with our industry leading coverage to millions of employer and payroll accounts.


Identify the employer, payroll provider, or merchant to permission account access.


Complete authentication and payroll account is verified.

Your brand built right in

Build financial products in hours with our developer toolkit and sandbox environment.

Our Mission

We believe payroll data has the power to unlock new financial opportunities for millions of consumers

Customizable interface

Powerful APIs, SDKs, and
pre-built user interfaces

SDKs for every stack

Our Transact SDK integration is optimized for ease and speed. Get up and running in hours with our developer toolkit, API docs, and sandbox environment.

Highly Customizable

With our Transact SDK, customize your end user experience to align with your brand identity and create a seamless user journey.

Designed for developers

Build payroll-powered products

Discover how you can launch new financial products using our developer toolkit, API docs, sandbox environment, and customer support resources.

Our Impact

The trusted way to connect any app with payroll accounts.

17.5+ million

consumers reached on an annual basis

1.2 million

average monthly consumer instances

$140 million

estimated savings for consumers on annual overdraft fees


customers and partners trust working with Atomic